The great photograph to the left was taken by Dave Colombo of Carbondale, Illinois at the Mall in Washington D.C. at the August, 1986 Peace Ribbon Ceremony.

 These two photos were taken by Bill Kropf, who has a Web site at, at the Woody Guthrie Free Folk Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma on July 15, 2000.




These photographs are by ildi, who lives in Vernon, NJ, taken at the 1999 Cornfest in Beacon, NY.


These photos were taken at the Clearwater Festival in June 1995 by Mindy Schwartz, who generously contributed them to this page.

These pictures were taken in October 1973 at the Clearwater Pumpkin Festival. They were contributed by Rita Hurault, who was a cook on the sloop Clearwater in 1973.


Photo by Vinny of VJ Sports Photography.

Linda Ronstadt and Pete Seeger at the first anniversary of Three Mile Island in Harrisburg, PA.

The above four photos were taken at the 1991 Philadelphia Folk Festival at a Seeger Family reunion: Pete Seeger, his grandson Tao Rodriguez, Sonia Cohen, Penny Cohen and Mike Seeger. Photography by Jim Capaldi.


Special thanks to all of the talented photographers who generously contributed their work to this Web site.